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Tavolino Italian Specialties

Tavolino Italian Specialties

Tavolino offers some of Italy’s best loved and finest food: Nougat, biscotti, tomato sauce, olive oil, authentic balsamic vinegar, artisanal pasta sauces and more.

Why Tavolino is excited to bring these products to you

This is spectacular selection for foodies who care about the provenance of the food they eat

In Italy, generations of the same family proudly dedicate their lives to tomatoes, nougat, or making pesto. The dedication to excellence, the farm-to-table style, the use of fresh, local ingredients, the cherished traditional family recipes; it’s magnificent, artisinal food. Each of these brands are chosen because they are the best of the best.

We’ve selected some star products: these brands will create your reputation as a providore of unique, hard to find delicacies and build customer loyalty

There’s some serious cult classics in the product line up. Transport your customers to Italy or bring back their holiday memories. We don’t promise Dean Martin will magically appear singing That’s Amore, but it’s possible.

These are the secret ingredients that add subtle magic to a dish and instant class to a menu

Risotto transformed with authentic balsamic vinegar, pasta sauce made with the world’s best passata, coffee with the finest biscotti in the world … we’d love to eat at that table.

Tavolino stocks a selection of best selling brands, and we’re able to source anything in this wonderful, vast range for you: visit the Casa Italia website to make your selections


355 Sevenoaks St,
Cannington WA 6107


+61 (0) 8 9350 6949