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Tavolino is a food and beverage distributor in Perth, WA

We specialise in unique and exciting brands we know consumers will love

Discovering the best new food and beverage brands from Australia and around the world to share with the people of Western Australia is our passion. If it excites us, we know it’s going to excite you too.

Welcome to our table

In Italian, Tavolino means ‘little table’ - a place that brings people together to share food, conversation, and laughter.
Here at Tavolino we do what we do for the joy of food. We hope you - and your customers - will find yourselves at our table soon.

Explore the range

Tavolino brings Nippy’s beloved beverages to Western Australia

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Natural spring water direct from an aquifer in pristine Margaret River

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Tavolino stocks an extended range of Italy’s best loved, #1 tomato brand

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Authentic cheeses from Greek's premier cheese maker

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The success of our customers and suppliers is the heart and soul of Tavolino

Need a distributor? We're always on the lookout for exciting new products and brands. We'd love to discover your story and help build your brand. We work tirelessly to share the products that excite us with restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and delis throughout WA.

Supermarkets, delis, cafes and restaurateurs are Tavolino's lifeblood. We bring exceptional customer service to the table - our whole operation is dedicated to making the supply chain effortless for you.

Tavolino exists to bring fabulous food to the people of Perth. We distribute to some of Perth's brightest and best independent outlets - if you're a member of the public, contact us to find out where you can source our products or ask your local independent retailer to stock them.


12 Aitken Way
Kewdale WA 6105


+61 (0) 8 9350 6949