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Foodmill’s vegan pies are a true one-of-a-kind product. Vegetables, tempeh, tofu, and natural flavours are transformed into genuinely delicious and meaty flavoured (honestly!) pies with golden, flaky pastry. They look and taste home made because they’re made by hand, from scratch.

These pies add a new dimension to the pie oven – expanding your market to include health conscious customers looking for plant based choices.

 “You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy these pies. Anyone trying to include more plant based options in their diet will enjoy them too.”
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FoodmillFoodmill is a vegan brand, owned and operated by vegan magicians who transform plant-based ingredients into deliciously rich and meaty flavoured pies and sausage rolls that even meat-lovers can enjoy (to their own surprise).

Australia is the 3rd fastest growing vegan market in the world*

Plant based eating is a growing trend, with a worldwide shift away from consuming animal products.

These are unique ‘point-of-difference’ products

Consumers trying to include more plant-based choices in their diet are likely to visit your store or café especially because you stock these items.


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Food Mill Pie Chicken Vegetables Vegan200g12


355 Sevenoaks St,
Cannington WA 6107


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