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Who wouldn’t be intrigued by volcanic mineral water? It’s an exciting point of difference. Calm & Stormy sparkling mineral water is sourced from a spring deep below an ancient, dormant volcano in the pristine Central Highlands of Victoria. It’s filtered by nature through volcanic rock, removing impurities and infusing it with natural minerals. 

  • Flavoured with real fruit juice
  • No added sugar
  • All natural: contains 10% fruit juice and mineral water. That’s it.
  • Uber-stylish 100% recyclable aluminium can

In addition to the uber-cool shelf appeal, Calm & Stormy tall, slimline aluminium cans are especially great for so many reasons

  • 100% recyclable – aluminium drinking cans are the most recycled packaging product in the world
  • Shatterproof and tamper-resistant
  • Retains the bubbles: stays fresh and sparkling for longer
  • Aluminium gets colder, so it’s easy and quick to chill: out of the storeroom and ice cold ready for sale faster.
“There’s more to this brand than stunning shelf appeal. The push to reduce plastic waste is gaining greater traction in the market place, as is the movement towards a cleaner diet and sugar free beverages. This is a brilliant new Australian brand many contemporary consumers will want to be aligned with.”

Calm & Stormy is an uber-stylish, eco-conscious beverage brand based in Victoria with the mission statement ‘healthier people living on a healthier planet’. This is an evolved and aware brand driven by the need to remove plastic from our oceans and reduce sugar in our diets: their premium quality sparkling mineral water is sugar free and comes in unique 100% recyclable aluminium cans.

Environmentally aware customers who care about reducing plastic waste in our oceans – or in other words, lots of people! – will feel an emotional connection to the Calm & Stormy brand.  And by association, to the retailers, bars, and restaurants that supply it.


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Product variety, size, and units per carton

FlavourSizeCtn Qty
Calm & Stormy Sp'klng M'nrl/Water Tas Pnk/Ldy Apple300ml24
Calm & Stormy Still Mineral Water500ml24
Calm & Stormy Sparkling Mineral Water300ml24
Calm & Stormy Sp'klng M'nrl/Water Tas R'pberry300ml24
Calm & Stormy Sp'klng M'nrl/Water Blood Orange300ml24


355 Sevenoaks St,
Cannington WA 6107


+61 (0) 8 9350 6949