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Exclusive to Tavolino

These high quality specialist flours were specifically designed for pasta production businesses.

  • This is ‘slow’ flour: carefully selected wheat kernels are gently and slowly milled on new-generation Bühler designed rolling mills
  • State-of-the-art sifters ensure total hygiene in the sifting process – which means much less chance of weevils and insect damage

Pasta d’Oro ®

Soft wheat “00” flour for making fresh pasta, filled pasta and pressed pasta. ‘Pasta d’Oro’ translates to ‘golden pasta’ – the pasta made with flour keeps its natural golden colour for days.

  • With it’s short mixing time, this flour is ideal for kneading by hand or using a food mixer or pasta maker.
  • Pasta keeps it’s golden colour for days without turning grey – ideal for pre-prep.
  • The pasta created with this flour has a rough surface texture – the hallmark of a quality pasta.
  • This flour is really great for making filled pasta – the rough surface texture holds the filling well, it’s very elastic, and the filling inside doesn’t show through.
  • Withstands double cooking well, thanks to the high elasticity of the dough, so pasta can be precooked and left to stand awaiting the customer order and then cooked again with no loss of quality.
  • Mixes very well with semolina to create a pasta with stronger consistency and shorter cooking time.

Durum semolina for dry pasta

Durum wheat semolina is used to produce dry pastas with a suberb consistency and a longer cooking time. It can also be mixed with Pasta d’Oro® to improve the kneading process and reduce cooking time.

“You already know how important quality ingredients are to the finished result: a good flour is the secret ingredient behind perfection. This flour is engineered specifically to create perfect pasta by specialists who have centuries of pasta making knowledge behind them.”
Molino Pasini

Molino Pasini is a flour milling company producing artisan soft wheat flours, expressly made for passionate chefs everywhere. Based in Cesole in the Mantua province in Italy, three generations of Molinos have been making flour and striving for perfection for over 100 years: the art of making flour is ingrained in their DNA.

With true Italian reverence for food, Molino Pasino have invested in state of the art rolling mills and their own research and development laboratory and comply to strictly monitored ISO, hygiene and certification standards.

“We never forget tradition: Our giant Plansichter equipment by Bühler reproduces our grandmas’ work whose job it was to perform the most delicate phase of the transformation process using hand-held sieves. We come from there, and we don’t want to forget it.”
Molino Pasini

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