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Oliana Foods

oliana foodsOliana Foods is a family run Australian brand sourcing artisanal food from the Mediterranean and around the world. Tavolino stocks Oliana’s cheeses, vegan cheese, and vegan meats.

Why Tavolino is excited to bring this brand to you

If it’s good enough for Oliana, it’s good enough for us

Oliana are experienced in the food industry – they know how to get the best food to our tables. We love their paddock-to-plate philosophy, too.

Oliana have searched the world to find unique ‘point-of-difference’ products

Free range organic fetta from the legendary cheese making region of Epiros. A dairy free cheese selection. Surprisingly good vegan meats from Belgium. These are great products, and consumers trying to include more plant-based or lactose free choices in their diet are likely to visit your store or café especially because you stock these hard to find items.

Australia is the 3rd fastest growing vegan market in the world

Plant based eating is a growing trend, with a worldwide shift away from consuming animal products – just take a look at hashtag #plantbased or #veganlifestyle on instagram. Stocking a brand like Oliana keeps you in the loop.

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