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Amazonia is an Australian owned ethical health and wellness eco-brand that travels to the far corners of the Earth to source nutritional super-foods harvested through agro-forestry.

Proof of the high rate of growth in demand for healthy, ethically sourced products, Amazonia has grown from a back yard eco-enterprise to a global market leader supplying to large-scale retailers and  thousands of cafes, restaurants and smoothie bars around the world.

More importantly, Amazonia is a force for good on our planet: ingredients are hand harvested from food forests across the globe and Amazonia now preserves massive amounts of rainforest and provides a lifeline for local communities.

This beloved brand has tens of thousands of instagram followers – as a retailer, you can bask in the glow and be part of the solution to making our world a better place.

Why Tavolino is excited about Amazonia

It’s an inspiring business model: Amazonia literally feeds the world, provides incomes for communities around the globe, and keeps massive areas of  rain forest standing through agro-forestry

Organically grown jackfruit, acai, coconut and pitaya is hand gathered by thousands of local families in the rich swamp lands of the Amazon and from abundant food forests across the globe. This cultivation helps to keep these forests standing, preserves the surrounding ecosystem, and provides income to local communities. Further planting of food forests, on once degraded land, also allows for profitable forest cultivation in the future.

Amazonia is proof of the radical change-your-life power of good nutrition

After discovering açaí, Amazonia founder Dwayne Martens felt ‘brighter’ and much more energetic. Inspired to share his health revolution, he and business partner Chris Norden started in a kitchen right here in Fremantle and rapidly built Amazonia into the market leaders of Açaí in Australia.  Chris held the fort while Dwayne roamed the far corners of the Earth on sourcing expeditions. In his own words: “We go right to where the seed is grown, we understand our partners, the culture and the small things that play a vital role in sustainable food cultivation.”  They were taken to the brink of foreclosure when they lost over a million dollars of stock in the Brisbane floods, but – fueled with super-foods! – they rebuilt, and now they’re the leading global exporter of açaí. Amazonia products obviously give you super powers and we want some!

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