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Nippy’s is a third-generation family run producer of fresh fruit juices and flavoured milk beverages. Loved by consumers in Australia for over 50 years, Nippy’s is now distributed the world over.

A world-wide brand that started in the family kitchen: the family behind Nippy’s – the Knispels – have been citrus growers since the 1930s. Nippy’s began in the sixties in South Australia when the enterprising Knispel boys – all nicknamed ‘Nippy’- hand squeezed juice from the oranges grown in their family orchard and sold it in flagons to the kids at school. Family pride in a premium quality product continues to this day.

The Nippy’s family still 100% own and operate the business with tremendous personal attention to the quality and taste of their product – from farming the orchards to innovating the bottling plant and everything in between. It’s easy to see why – it literally has their name on it!

Nippy’s signature is the incredible taste. 50 years of experience, three independent Nippy’s family owned companies, family owned orchards, a state of the art cold aseptic packaging facility: all of this is uncompromisingly dedicated to getting the fruit off the tree and onto the shelf tasting as delicious, fresh, and fruity as possible.