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Il Faggetto

Il Faggetto

100% dry beech wood briquette for pizza ovens

The Lamborghini of wood: this patented briquette is the perfect fuel for wood fired pizza ovens. One box of il Faggetto is like a wheelbarrow load of messy wooden logs, super-compressed into almost half it’s volume.

Why Tavolino is excited to bring you this product

  • 60 kg of Il Faggetto gives you the same results as 100kg of kiln-dried wooden logs
  • Fast to light with high levels of radiant heat
  • Long lasting embers
  • Clean burning and odour free – will never smoke out your restaurant
  • A very low ash content as it contains no bark – easier clean up
  • Neat, stackable octagonal shape
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Certified for the cooking of food – contains no chemical, additives, or binders


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