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Fever Tree

fevertree logoFevertree create an innovative range of premium quality mixer drinks using naturally sourced ingredients with no artificial flavourings or sweeteners. It was started when the co-founders realised it’s extraordinary that people pay for a high-quality spirit, yet had no choice but drown it with a poor-quality mixer. That’s true. Why didn’t we think of it?

Why Tavolino is excited to bring this brand to you

  • Because you shouldn’t drink premium spirits with a sub-standard mixer, that’s why.
  • • The premium spirits market continues to grow – consumers want quality spirits. Thanks to Fevertree, they now demand quality mixers as well.
  • There’s a diverse range of flavours with a favourite for everybody. Especially great as premium quality mixers.
  • They go to the ends of the earth in pursuit of the best quality ingredients from around the world: Madagascan vanilla, Sicilian lemons, three varieties of ginger from the Ivory coast, quinine from the Congo, elderflower petals from Gloucestershire …. These mixers tingle with real, natural, fresh taste. It’s five o’clock somewhere….
“A gin and tonic reaches next level aromatic enchantment with Fevertree mixers.”


12 Aitken Way
Kewdale WA 6105


+61 (0) 8 9350 6949