Mutti Tomatoes – Canned

No wonder Mutti is Italy’s No 1 tomato brand – these tomatoes are so good, you could eat them cold, straight from the can. (Okay, you’d have to be hungry.) Unlike most other processed tomato brands, Mutti is 99+% tomato and bottled or canned without preservatives or additives, which is why they taste so good.

  • Preservative and additive free
  • Italian tomatoes harvested at perfect ripeness and packed within hours
“Consumers who read the ingredients list looking for quality love Mutti.
Mutti short

mutti tomato

Mutti is Italy’s best loved, #1 tomato brand. That’s an incredible endorsement from a country that grows a staggering 4.9 million tons of tomatoes a year. The Mutti family have been proudly creating the world’s finest tomato products for over 100 years.

Mutti tomatoes are the best for so many reasons:

• They’re based at the heart and center of the Italian tomato culture: the Parma region with its fertile soil, sunny climate and ideal rainfall.

• The Mutti family have loyal, long-term relationships with their own dedicated tomato farmers, all vying for the coveted ‘Golden Tomato’ prize, awarded for the sweetest and ripest tomatoes.

• The tomatoes are vine ripened and harvested at optimum ripeness

• The factory works around the clock to process them within 24 hours of being picked

• They’re gently pasteurised without preservatives or additives, which makes a huge difference to the taste.

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Product variety, size, and units per carton

FlavourSizeCtn Qty
Mutti Tomato Polpa with Garlic400g
Mutti Tomato Baby Roma400g12
Mutti Tomato Cherry400g12
Mutti Tomato Whole Peeled400g12
Mutti Tomato Filetti400g6
Mutti Tomato San Marzano DOP Whole Peeled400g6
Mutti Tomato Polpa Chopped Organic400g12
Mutti Tomato Whole Peeled Organic400g12
Mutti Tomato Polpa400g12
Mutti Pizza Sauce Aromatizzata400g12