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Epiros feta is the the most highly awarded feta in the world and the top selling feta in Greece. It’s the relationship with the farmers and the generations of tradition that makes them the best – naturally, Epiros feta style cheeses are authentically made with sheep and goats milk. Nothing compare to the deliciously piquant, sharp flavour and bright white colour. Non-genuine Greek cheeses, made only from cows’ milk, are a poor substitute for the real thing. Imitation feta is not made according to the guidelines that govern its manufacture in Europe. Genuine feta is creamier, less salty, less crumbly and more subtle in flavour.

“Feta fit for Greek gods and goddesses … nothing beats the flavour of genuine sheep and goats milk.”

Find out more – some of the European Union guidelines governing the production of feta:

  • It must use only sheep’s milk, or a blend of sheep’s and goat’s milk
  • The milk must be made into cheese 48 hours after milking
  • It must be free of colorants, preservatives, and condensed or powdered milk
  • It must use rennin (a natural enzyme) to coagulate the milk
  • The milk curd must be strained without pressure and ripened in brine for at least 15 days



The best and most authentic range of Greek cheeses possible

Epiros is a family owned business and one of the largest cheese producing companies in Greece. While it’s true that Epiros has massive, state-of-the-art production capacity, it’s the relationship with the farmers and the generations of tradition behind the brand that makes them the best.

Naturally, Epiros cheeses and butter are authentically made with sheep and goats milk. The milk is sourced from more than 1,200 suppliers, most of them traditional, independent sheep and goat herders. Most still milk by hand (!) and allow their herd to roam freely, feeding on the flora unique to the Epirus hills, giving the cheese its distinctive taste.

Epiros is based in Epirus – a Protected Designation of Origin, legendary cheese making region.

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Epiros Feta Original (Sheep Goat) Vacuum Pack180gr12
Epiros Feta Organic (Sheep Goat) Vacuum Pack150gr12
Epiros Greek Goat Cheese Vacuum Pack150gr12