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Epiros cheeses are authentically made with sheep and goats milk. Generations of Greek farming and artisanal tradition deliver the incomparable flavour of authenticity. Non-genuine Greek cheeses, made only from cows’ milk, are a poor substitute for the real thing.

Kefalograviera is a hard, smooth yellow aged cheese with a rich aroma, piquant taste, and smooth mouth feel. The rind is light brown and edible, and the cheese is marked with little air holes throughout its body. It’s used as a table cheese and is delicious grilled. Commonly used in saganaki, a traditional Greek dish, where the cheese is coated with seasoned flour and lightly fried. Kefalograviera is also grated and sprinkled over pasta and added to baked dishes and gratins.

Kefalotiri is similar, but is a harder, more aged cheese with very rich, salty flavour. It can be pan-fried cheese, grated on pasta and on a cheese platter.

Saganaki is a traditional Greek hard cheese made from sheep and goat milk with a characteristic spicy taste and a rich aroma. It’s ideal for grilling or deep frying and turns a crisp golden brown and holds its shape well. Saganaki means ‘little frying pan’ in Greek.

” They’ve been farming sheep and goats for cheese making in Greece since Zeus was a boy… if it’s authenticity you’re after, it’s Epiros, every time.”




The best and most authentic range of Greek cheeses possible

Epiros is a family owned business and one of the largest cheese producing companies in Greece. While it’s true that Epiros has massive, state-of-the-art production capacity, it’s the relationship with the farmers and the generations of tradition behind the brand that makes them the best.

Naturally, Epiros cheeses and butter are authentically made with sheep and goats milk. The milk is sourced from more than 1,200 suppliers, most of them traditional, independent sheep and goat herders. Most still milk by hand (!) and allow their herd to roam freely, feeding on the flora unique to the Epirus hills, giving the cheese its distinctive taste.

Epiros is based in Epirus – a Protected Designation of Origin, legendary cheese making region.

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Epiros Saganaki200gr12
Epiros Kefalograviera230gr12
Epiros Kefalotyri230gr12