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The KIND Coffee Co logo

Australian made handcrafted cold brew coffee

Aussie café culture in a can – the great taste of hand roasted, custom blended coffee.

  • An Australian family business dedicated to the art of authentic coffee
  • Coffee beans are meticulously and roasted and custom blended

Australian owned and operated, with facilities situated along the Tweed River in Northern New South Wales, The KIND Coffee Co. has a mission to bring coffee and kindness to all while giving back to the community and the planet. Their motto is “Be cool, be kind’. The range is created with zero waste – the spent coffee grinds are used by the Shroom Bros. to grow mushrooms!


Cold brew coffee is ground coffee beans brewed using cold water. Rather than the traditional method of using hot water. According to many studies, cold brewed coffee is less acidic than conventional hot brewed coffees, with a much sweeter flavour. Cold brew coffee can be drunk refreshingly over ice, in a protein smoothie or even in a martini! It can enhance flavours in baking without the worry of burnt, bitter or bland taste.

“What stands out about The KIND Coffee Co (apart from being Aussie family business) is the TASTE! Really does taste as good as a freshly made barista brew from any of Perth’s best coffee shops.”

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FlavourSizeCtn Qty
The Kind Coffee Co Double Espresso250ml12
The Kind Coffee Co Creamy Latte250ml12
The Kind Coffee Co Mocha Latte250ml12