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These rich, glossy balsamic vinegar reductions are batch produced from hand-crafted balsamic vinegar and evolved into versatile condiments with delicious depth and complexity of flavour. This range is so magnificent, it’s won numerous awards in Australia.

Sticky balsamic vinegars appear regularly in shows like Masterchef and MKR. Consumers are educated about how to use them – they can be drizzled over vegetables, meats, risottos, strawberries, or even icecream. One drop can transform a dish into something new and exciting and make anyone feel like they’re a brilliant, on trend foodie with advanced culinary skills.

A beautifully packaged line with sophisticated shelf appeal.

  • Gluten free
  • Preservative free

(All flavours also available in food service 1lt bottles)

“The lemon is magnificent on bruschetta and seafood, the orange on chicken, duck and pork… there’s endless ways to add gloriousness to food with these magic potions.”
Sticky Balsamic

sticky balsamicBalsamic vinegar, reinvented.

Sticky Balsamic is an Australian artisan brand based in regional Victoria creating hand-crafted, fruit infused balsamic vinegars. The creator of Sticky Balsamic has worked at some of the best restaurants in Australia and has won many local awards. This rich and thick balsamic taste sensation is batch produced with hand-crafted balsamic vinegar. It’s so magnificent, it’s won numerous awards

Why Tavolino is excited to bring this chef’s own brand to you

It’s a brand created by a talented award winning chef to share his secrets and spread the love

Lea’s magic potions can be used with almost everything to transform ordinary ingredients into gourmet masterpieces with rich depth and complexity of flavour. If you’re a chef, we love to think what you’ll be able to do with these.

Consumers looking for something special will love you for stocking Sticky Balsamic

This brand will establish you as a favourite providore of fabulous food.

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Product variety, size, and units per carton

FlavourSizeCtn Qty
Premium Quince250ml6
Premium Fig250ml6
Premium Truffle250ml6


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