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‘Mattasini’ means the pasta is presented rolled up into portions

Filotea’s authentic egg pasta is unique because although it’s a dry pasta, it has the aroma, taste and texture of fresh, homemade Italian pasta.

Hand-made according to an ancient traditional Marche recipe, it’s a carefully crafted blend of flour, durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs which is then is bronze cut and dried slowly at room temperature to retain the rich, nutty flavour. The result is restaurant quality: a delicious, textured, porous pasta that absorbs the sauce, with short cooking times and a shelf life of two years.

Hand packaged and beautifully displayed in stylish window-front boxes.

  • Durum Wheat Semolina
  • Bronze cut and dried slowly at room temperature for richer flavour development

What is Durum Wheat Semolina and why is it better? It’s a coarse grind of hard, very high protein durum wheat that distinguishes a quality pasta from the rest. It’s what gives premium pasta that wonderful toothsome chew, natural yellow colour, porous texture and richer flavour.  

One of the secrets of great pasta is that it must be bronze cut. Why? Most modern pastas are made with cheaper, quicker teflon dies. Extruding the pasta through bronze dies creates pasta with a coarser, more porous texture to make a better surface for the sauce to cling to. It’s also less dense, which means a lighter, silkier mouthfeel.

Filotea Pasta

Filotea is a gourmet pasta production company based in Marche, Italy. Their goal is to create artisanal pasta and renew the ancient recipes, traditions and craftsmanship of the “expert hands of grandmothers” – and with the help of Italian technology and innovation, share it with the world.
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FlavourSizeCtn Qty
Filotea Mattasine Tagliatelle Paglia e Fieno250gr20
Filotea Mattasine Parppardelle250gr20
Filotea Mattasine Linguine250gr20