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Dulwich is an Australian family owned bakery with 3 generations of baking expertise. With 11 bakeries pumping out delectable delights across Adelaide, they’ve clearly got the recipe for success.

Dulwich cakes taste as good as if you baked them yourself – they’re baked fresh daily and crafted from real, freshly prepared ingredients. It’s wholesome family food and incredible value for such premium quality.

“Dulwich’s are the go-to in Adelaide for special celebration & birthday cakes – their cakes are THAT good. Nothing beats that home-made taste.”

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FlavourSizeCtn Qty
Dulwich Bakery Chocolate Espresso Cake550gr4
Dulwich Bakery Date & Walnut Cake550gr4
Dulwich Bakery Apricot & Sultana Cake550gr4
Dulwich Bakery Lemon Surprise Cake550gr4
Dulwich Bakery Carrot & Walnut Cake550gr4
Dulwich Bakery Apple & Cinnamon Cake550gr4
Dulwich Bakery Vanilla Bean Cake550gr4