Dellos Aloe Vera 500ml

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  • Unique ‘point-of-difference’ drinks with a tangy, fruity flavour and natural aloe pulp floating in them.
  • Kids especially love drinks with jelly like things things floating in them, for some reason! They’re a big seller in school canteens.
  • With the health benefits of natural aloe pulp, this is a healthy beverage with novelty appeal.
  • A quality product made with a high natural fruit content.
  • This colourful line-up looks very enticing in the drinks fridge.

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Product variety, size, and units per carton

FlavourSizeCtn Qty
Dellos Aloe Vera Pomegranate500ml20
Dellos Aloe Vera Pineapple500ml20
Dellos Aloe Vera Original500ml20
Dellos Aloe Vera Mango500ml20
Dellos Aloe Vera Lychee500ml20
Dellos Aloe Vera Blueberry500ml20


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