Zagori Natural Mineral Water Still PET

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Zagori Natural Mineral Water gushes from the natural aquifer basins beneath one of the most protected and pristine areas in Greece. Naturally filtered and purified through rock, it’s bottled right there at the source.

We love the stylish bottles

According to our in-house style gurus, a Zagori bottle confers effortless style on any table, any cafe or restaurant that has it on their menu, any retailer that stocks it, and anyone seen with it in their shopping trolley. You heard it here first.

The 1 litre PET bottle in crystal blue with an engraved surface is the classiest PET bottle we’ve ever seen.

It’s some of the purest, most natural water available on our planet.

This crystal clear spring water is rich in original natural minerals and trace elements with a beautiful, pure flavour.

  • Certified Vegan
  • Certified Gluten free
“Like a holiday on the Greek islands in a bottle.”

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