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Deliciously tangy, award winning curds made by hand with care and dedication. A sensational complement to the Unforgettable range of pavlovas, they’re perfect combined with the Unforgettable pastry cases and topped with the Petite Meringues to create an effortless, elegant dinner party finale or the star performer at a high tea. A good lemon butter or passionfruit curd is both a guilty, decadent pleasure and a practical, high convenience product: an entertaining essential for busy people, curds are the versatile foundation of many desserts and sweet treats.

  • Gluten free
“The quality is incredible – these curds have been hand stirred! Use them to create incredible petit fours in combination with other items in the Unforgettable range. Or simply eat them out of the fridge with a spoon when no one’s looking.”
Unforgettable Products

Premium quality, elegantly presented, melt-in-your-mouth gourmet sweet treats hand made with flair and panache by Leanne Pooley, the owner and creator. Leanne has always had a love-affair with the sweeter side of life –  Unforgettable Products began in Leanne’s kitchen and is now a multi award-winning luxury brand. Based in Warrandyte, in the heart of the Yarra Valley in Victoria, these unique delights are next level in presentation and quality. Customers who enjoy entertaining will love you for stocking this magnificent selection of luxury convenience essentials.

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Unforgettable Curd Lemon150gr12
Unforgettable Curd Passionfruit150gr12


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