Freshly popped Australian popcorn smothered in rich salted caramel/butterscotch with delicious additions like sticky date, walnuts, and cherries or rich, smooth, dark *Callebaut couverture chocolate and the unmistakable taste of taste of premium, all natural ingredients.

This award winning product is a top seller and after one mouthful, you’ll understand why. These talented little tarts could tempt even the most dedicated instafit trainiac into #cheatday with their decadent concoctions.

  • Dairy free and vegan option (Chocolate + Sea salt)
  • Gluten free
  • No preservatives or artificial flavours

*Callebaut is a premium quality Belgian couverture chocolate manufacturer. Couverture chocolate has a high cocoa butter content and a silky texture.

“Spending a night on the couch with Netflix and popcorn takes on a whole new level of decadent indulgence with Two Little Tarts.”
Two Little Tarts

Luxuriously packaged, award winning gourmet sweets. Located in Melbourne, Two Little Tarts are professional pastry chefs turned artisan confectionery and chocolate makers, with founder Odette Squillace drawing inspiration from her travels and experience in the world of patisserie. Lovingly produced by hand in small batches from high quality, all natural ingredients sourced directly from farms and producers, this range is a premium quality indulgence or a brilliant gift.

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Product variety, size, and units per carton

FlavourSizeCtn Qty
TLT Gourmet Popcorn Caramel & Sea Salt100gr6
TLT Gourmet Popcorn Sticky Date & Caramel100gr6
TLT Gourmet Popcorn Cherry100gr6
TLT Gourmet Popcorn Chocolate Sea Salt90gr6


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