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The Wise Bunny produces all natural, gluten free, vegan and lactose free cheeses and probiotic yoghurts with minimal added sugar. With savvy labelling and a cute logo and catchphrases, this is a brand with on trend customer appeal.

Australia is the 3rd fastest growing vegan market in the world. Over 2 million Australians are vegan, and plant based eating is a growing trend. It?s more important than ever to have vegan options on the shelf. 1 in 6 Australians are moving away from dairy, according to the CSIRO. With over 3 million Australians opting for dairy-free food, a huge market has opened up for dairy-free products.

Miraculously cheesy dairy free cheeses. With a satisfying, savoury taste, they even melt like cheese to create creamy, golden goodness on top of pizza and in toasted sandwiches.

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Product variety, size, and units per carton

FlavourSizeCtn Qty
The Wise Bunny Cheese Vegan Friendly Tasty Style200gr12
The Wise Bunny Cheese Vegan Friendly Gouda200gr12


12 Aitken Way
Kewdale WA 6105


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