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Premium quality, artisanal crackers that add the wow factor to a grazing board or platter. These instagram-worthy entertaining essentials are made in Australia with quality local ingredients. We love the innovative flavours, striking colours, and beautiful packaging, too.

St Clair have been making artisan crackers for 30 years.

  • Australian made
“68% of shoppers are more likely to spend more money on crackers when entertaining guests*. If you need a cracker of distinction to impress guests with, St Clair is that cracker.”

* Snack Bar Research – Crackers Insights Report 2018

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FlavourSizeCtn Qty
St Clair Artisan Crackers Butter Charcoal100gr5
St Clair Artisan Crackers Beetroot & Sea Salt100gr5
St Clair Artisan Crackers Butter Rye100gr5
St Clair Artisan Crackers Butter Wholemeal100gr5
St Clair Artisan Crackers Sourdough & Chilli100gr5