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Rok Kombucha is a Western Australian beverage brand based in Margaret River. Run by a husband and wife team, the raw, organic kombucha they make is a living superfood. It’s brewed in small batches with care and patience using all-natural, organic ingredients. It’s an organic, all natural, authentic, hipstery health brand from the back woods of Margaret River … yet it’s savvily branded, consistently high quality, and reliably distributed Owners Trent (AFL player turned winemaker) and Amanda (a former Business Improvement Analyst) know a thing or two. The labeling is stylishly beautiful. Every batch of Rok is brewed to exacting standards and tastes great. In fact, it was the top rating kombucha with 4.5/5 stars for taste in the Good Food guide. This is a beverage that will appeal to anyone looking for something refreshing. ‘Gut health’ is a hot topic – rok aligns you with this research-driven health and wellness trend Kombucha converts are hooked on this ancient, sparkling, probiotic beverage with its immune and energy boosting properties bubbling with literally millions of beneficial yeast, bacteria and live digestive enzymes. Rok has featured in extensive media publicity in WA highlighting the authenticity of their product:  an October 2019 segment on Today Tonight , a front page article in The West Australian and South Western Times, a feature on GWN news and a segment on ABC radio – this is the Kombucha brand West Australian consumers will trust.

  • Certified Vegan
  • Certified Gluten free

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Product variety, size, and units per carton

FlavourSizeCtn Qty
Rok Kombucha Pineapple Punk365ml12
ROK Kombucha Berry Beats365ml12
ROK Kombucha Classic365ml12
ROK Kombucha Ginger Pop365ml12
ROK Kombucha Lemon Licks365ml12
ROK Kombucha Passionfruit Rap365ml12


355 Sevenoaks St,
Cannington WA 6107


+61 (0) 8 9350 6949