Quartieri – Torrone and confectionary

Premium quality, feather-light nougats, candied nuts, chocolate covered nuts, croccantini, and more. These sophisticated sweets are made with traditional recipes and only the finest all-natural ingredients, taking the time to follow traditional methods.

A popular gift line: beautifully packaged, these luxury imports add instant class and prestige to any stockist and are popular with customers looking for a celebratory indulgence.

“Artisan sweets with the unmistakable taste of all natural, quality ingredients. They make glorious gifts, preferably for yourself. ”


Exceptional Italian torrone and confectionary from Campania. Using traditional recipes handed down through the generations and only the finest natural ingredients, Quartieri creates divinely decadent and premium quality sophisticated sweets for grownups.

This product is part of Tavolino’s selection of Italy’s finest food: these brands will create your reputation as a providore of unique, hard to find delicacies and build customer loyalty.

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FlavourSizeCtn Qty
Quartieri Torroncini Almond Bag175g12
Quartieri Torroncini Hazelnut Bag175g12
Quartieri Torroncini Pistachio Bag175g12
Quartieri Torroncini Chocolate Bag175g12
Quartieri Torroncini Limoncello Bag175g12
Quartieri Almond Wedge130g12
Quartieri Croccantini Almond Bag175g12
Quartieri Croccantini Hazelnut Bag175g12
Quartieri Croccantini Hazelnut Bag175g12
Quartieri Dragees Almond Bag175g12
Quartieri Dragees Coffee Beans Bag175g12
Quartieri Dragees Hazelnut Bag175g12
Quartieri Confetti "Green" Apple Almond Bag175g12
Quartieri Confetti "Red" Chocolate Almond Bag175g12
Quartieri Confetti "White" Vanilla Almond Bag175g12
Quartieri Tartufate Almond Bag175g12
Quartieri Tartufate Hazelnut Bag175g12


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