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Pure Young Coconut Water is a Thai brand that sells coconut water.It’s like a tropical Thailand paradise in a can.

It’s one of the freshest, sweetest coconut waters available

  • The coconuts are harvested when they’re still young and green – the young, tender coconut has a better taste
  • It’s canned within hours of being picked to preserve the fresh picked flavour
  • It’s 100% pure, young coconut water with no additives

Coconut water deserves its health and wellness trend cult status

It’s nature’s re-hydrating sports drink; a natural isotonic and and full of potassium. Because coconuts grow close to the sea, they’re a rich supply of important minerals.

Global coconut water sales are expected to double by 2022

As consumers move towards healthier beverage options, the coconut water business has been transformed from a niche health care product to a daily drink.

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Pure Young Coconut Water520ml24


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