Pastificio Venturino – Organic pasta sauces

Passata Birra | Siciliana | Puttanesca | Basil | Arrabiata

Pastificio Venturino’s range of wholesome organic pasta sauces are crafted using authentic, traditional recipes and taste as if they were freshly made in your own kitchen.

The hand-crafted production process remains true to artisanal traditions:  the finest locally grown Italian produce is hand- picked, processed in less than 24 hours, gently pasteurised to preserve the fresh picked flavour, and bottled. There’s no need for citric acid or additives, which is why they taste as if Nonna cooked them.

These sauces offer all the convenience of a long life product with the fresh, wholesome flavour of home cooking.

  • All natural ingredients
  • Preservative free
  • Organic
“A brilliant convenience product for busy people – an authentic Italian, wholesome  meal in a jar. Every home needs a couple of these in the pantry.”

Pastifico Venturino logoPastificio Venturino is an organic brand creating all natural, artisanal pasta sauces using cherished traditional recipes. Based in Campania in Southwestern Italy, they’ve been making divine pasta sauces from the freshest organic produce since 1856.

This product is part of Tavolino’s selection of Italy’s finest food: these brands will create your reputation as a providore of unique, hard to find delicacies and build customer loyalty

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FlavourSizeCtn Qty
Pastificio Venturino Passata Birra700g12
Pastificio V Sauce Siciliana Organic500g6
Pastificio V Sauce Puttanesca Olive Caper Organic500g6
Pastificio V Sauce Basilico Organic500g6
Pastificio V Sauce Arrabiata Chilli Organic500g6


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