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 Pastificio Venturino create traditional Italian bronze-cut pasta. One of the secrets of great pasta is that it must be bronze cut. Why? Most modern pastas are made with cheaper, quicker teflon dies. Extruding the pasta through bronze dies creates pasta with a coarser, more porous texture to make a better surface for the sauce to cling to. It’s also less dense, which means a lighter, silkier pasta. This artisanal pasta is dried slowly at low temperatures to retain the nutty flavour of premium quality durum wheat.

To throw together a quick, cheap, easy meal that is equal to anything you can buy in a restaurant, pair this pasta with a wholesome Pastaficio Venturina organic pasta sauce.

“This is the pasta for customers who want quality products – but anyone can enjoy this Lamborghini of pasta for a few dollars extra. ”

Pastificio Venturino makes pasta in many shapes and sizes – just ask if you want to extend your range.

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Based in Campania in Southwestern Italy, the Venturino family have been producing premium quality, artisanal pasta since 1856.

The quality of the range is very evident on the shelf: it’s hand packaged into cellophane bags and finished off with hand tied ribbons.

This product is part of Tavolino’s selection of Italy’s finest food: these brands will create your reputation as a providore of unique, hard to find delicacies and build customer loyalty

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FlavourSizeCtn Qty
Pastificio Venturino Creste Di Gallo500g12
Pastificio Venturino Fettuccine500g12
Pastificio Venturino Spaghetti500g12


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