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Mundella is Western Australia’s own award-winning dairy. Located in the beautiful Serpentine Jarrahdale region, Mundella have been making premium yoghurts for over 40 years. Mundella Foods was the first dairy to introduce  Greek style yoghurt into Western Australia with its Greek Honey Yoghurt.

Australia’s best yoghurt: Mundella have won too many awards to mention; their Greek Honey yoghurt has been repeated crowned the best in Australia, praised for its thick and creamy texture and perfectly balanced sweet, subtle natural honey flavour.

Farm fresh: The milk is sourced from neighbouring farms (all within a 20km radius) and delivered within a few hours of the cows being milked.

The yoghurt is full of billions of live cultures, super thick and creamy with more protein than others because of the tried and tested processing methods.

Free from artificial additives, gelatins, colours, thickeners, preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

“Congratulations to Mundella Foods on their award-winning Greek Honey Yoghurt. It was a standout in the flavoured yoghurt category this year and we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce such a well-deserved Champion.”
Alexandra Kury, Australian Grand Dairy Awards Convener, Dairy Australia
2020 Australian Grand Dairy Awards

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Mundella Yoghurt Greek Style Natural500gr6
Mundella Yoghurt Greek Style Vanilla500gr6
Mundella Yoghurt Greek Style Honey500gr6
Mundella Yoghurt Premium Natural500gr6
Mundella Yoghurt Natural Reduced Fat500gr6
Mundella Yoghurt Greek Style Vanilla1kg6
Mundella Yoghurt Greek Style Honey1kg6
Mundella Yoghurt Greek Style Mango1kg6
Mundella Yoghurt Natural Premium1kg6
Mundella Yoghurt Premium Natural1kg6
Mundella Yoghurt Greek Style Natural2kg4
Mundella Yoghurt Greek Style Vanilla2kg4
Mundella Yoghurt Greek Style Honey2kg4
Mundella Yoghurt Natural Lactose Free500gr6
Mundella Yoghurt Greek Style Natural1kg6
Mundella Yoghurt Greek Style Blueberry1kg6
Mundella Yoghurt Natural Fat Free 99.7%1kg6
Mundella Yoghurt Premium Woodland Fruits1kg6
Mundella Yoghurt Premium Natural2kg4