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Molino Pasini Flour Retail

Exclusive to Tavolino

A stylishly packaged line of specialist, high quality flours, specifically crafted with the right strength and elasticity to create perfect bread, pasta, pizzas and baking.

  • This is ‘slow’ flour: carefully selected wheat kernels are gently and slowly milled on new-generation Bühler designed rolling mills
  • State-of-the-art sifters ensure total hygiene in the sifting process – which means much less chance of weevils and insect damage

Semola Di Grano Duro – Produced from Durum wheat.

Pizza Tipo 00 – If you want to make a pizza crust as good as anywhere in Italy … you need double zero flour. It’s finely ground and more of the germ and bran are removed. The texture is silky soft.

Pasta Fresca – High elasticity, ideal for making pasta with that beautiful coarse texture that holds the sauce. The pasta can be freshly made and cooked immediately, or double boiled without losing quality. The pasta made with this flour will keep its natural yellow colour for many days without becoming grey. When making ravioli and tortellini, the filling inside won’t show through.

Dolci e Frolla  – Ideal for cakes and biscuits with a soft, airy texture and reduced gluten and protein content

“A good flour is the secret ingredient behind perfection. This range of premium flours adds European flair to any stockist and will be picked up by passionate home bakers, pizza makers and fresh pasta aficionados.” Tavolino
Molino Pasini

Molino Pasini is a flour milling company producing artisan soft wheat flours, expressly made for passionate chefs everywhere. Based in Cesole in the Mantua province in Italy, three generations of Molinos have been making flour and striving for perfection for over 100 years: the art of making flour is ingrained in their DNA.

With true Italian reverence for food, Molino Pasino have invested in state of the art rolling mills and their own research and development laboratory and comply to strictly monitored ISO, hygiene and certification standards.

“We never forget tradition: Our giant Plansichter equipment by Bühler reproduces our grandmas’ work whose job it was to perform the most delicate phase of the transformation process using hand-held sieves. We come from there, and we don’t want to forget it.”
Molino Pasini

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FlavourSizeCtn Qty
Molino Pasini La Tua Semola Di Grano Duro Flour1kg10
Molino Pasini La Tua Pizza Flour Tipo 001kg10
Molino Pasini La Tua Pasta Fresca Flour1kg10
Molino Pasini La Tua Dolci e Frolla Flour (Sweets & Shortbread)1kg10


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