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La Superiore

La Superiore’s premium quality, artisanal biscuits taste as if they were home made by a passionate baker. Only the highest quality ingredients are used with generous quantities of Piedmontese hazelnuts.

Baci di Dama: (Lady’s kisses) two buttery hazelnut biscuits with a delicate, melt in your mouth texture, sandwiched together with a dollop of dark chocolate and/or lemon cream.

Bauletti (Little cases) and Fiocchi: sweet biscuits filled with premium quality fruit jams and marmalade.

La Superiore offers an assortment of sweet biscuits from Campania in the Piedmont region in the south of Italy – notably Baci Di Dama (Lady’s Kisses), which are on the official registry of Italy’s traditional gourmet products.

This product is part of Tavolino’s selection of Italy’s finest food: these brands will create your reputation as a providore of unique, hard to find delicacies and build customer loyalty.

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La Superiore Baci Di Dama Chocolate200g12
La Superiore Baci Di Dama Lemon Chocolate200g12
La Superiore Bauletti Lemon Marmalade200g12
La Superiore Bauletti Strawberry Marmalade200g12
La Superiore Fiocchi Marmalade200g12


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