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Goodies & Grains are the maestros of muesli! Each innovative muesli or granola is a delicious and inspired combination of exotic grains, nuts, fruits, spices and on-trend superfoods for a nutrient dense, power-packed breakfast. There’s something for every customer in this range, from those with food intolerances to gourmands looking for premium breakfast choices.

You can tell a great muesli by the amount of fruit and nuts in comparison to oats. Goodies & Grains mueslis are loaded! A gourmet addition to any breakfast menu.

Goodies & Grains short

Goodies & GrainsGoodies & Grains is an Australian health food brand aligned with the growing health and wellness trend

This artisan, family run business has been going for over 30 years This is a brand that can be trusted to develop saleable product lines and deliver consistent quality.

The clean eating trend has exploded in Australia Goodies & Grains are perfectly positioned to meet the growing demand for nutrition dense, plant-based whole foods.

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Product variety, size, and units per carton

FlavourSizeCtn Qty
G + G Muesli Oven Baked W Honey, Cinnamon400g8
G + G Muesli Swiss Bircher W Dried Apricots400g8
G + G Muesli Crunchy Maple400g8
G + G Muesli Diabetic400g8
G + G Muesli Gluten Free W Tropical Fruits400g8
G + G Muesli Diabetic650g6
G + G Instant Oats Organic650g6


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