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Fancy Hank’s Sauces

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With a raft of medals and awards from the AFA (Australian Food Awards) there’s no doubt that these sauces are gooooood and guaranteed to be a hit at barbecues or dinner parties or as a gift. Used on everything from oysters to a glaze on spare ribs to finishing off a roast, drizzled over fried eggs or splashed in a marinade, these sauces elevate any dish to next level awesomeness.

With outstanding hipster ‘pick me’ shelf appeal, they’re a lively addition to your product range that will help differentiate your store from the mainstream.

Fancy Hank’s

A spectacular range of barbecue sauces presented by one of Australia’s most talented barbecue chefs. Fancy Hank’s is also a celebrated barbecue restaurant in Melbourne serving house made condiments that were so good, they had to be shared with the rest of Australia. These artisanal sauces are lovingly crafted in small batches by Yarra Valley Gourmet. who have been delivering outstanding gourmet products for more than 20 years.

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Product variety, size, and units per carton

FlavourSizeCtn Qty
Fancy Hank's Hot Sauce Pineapple Reaper100ml6
Fancy Hank's Sauce Tomato375ml6
Fancy Hank's Sauce Banana Ketchup375ml6
Fancy Hank's Hot Sauce Jalapeno & Peach200ml6
Fancy Hank's Hot Sauce Habanero & Carrot200ml6
Fancy Hank's Hot Sauce Cayenne & Watermelon200ml6
Fancy Hank's BBQ Sauce Original375ml6
Fancy Hank's BBQ Sauce Coffee & Molasses375ml6