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Unsweetened sparkling fruit infused waters

Up to 40% of fruit and veg grown in Australia goes to waste.

Growing up on farms, DASH co-founders Jack & Alex witnessed the cause and effect of food waste first hand and felt compelled to act. DASH sparkling spring water is infused with wonky fruit; including the bent, crushed, knobbly and misshapen produce which others say ‘no’ to simply because they are judged on looks, not taste. By accepting the misfits, Dash are helping to fight food waste.

  • Australian spring water
  • Australian wonky fruit to help fight food waste
  • No sugar
  • No sweetener
  • No calories
  • Infinitely recyclable aluminium can

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Product variety, size, and units per carton

FlavourSizeCtn Qty
Dash Sparkling Water Cucumber300ml24
Dash Sparkling Water Lemon300ml24
Dash Sparkling Water Peach300ml24
Dash Sparkling Water Raspberry300ml24
Dash Sparkling Water Lime300ml24