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Let’s Go Nature’al Brush with Bamboo Toothbrush

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With the growing consumer desire to reduce the use of plastics, eliminating plastic toothbrushes is a no-brainer. We think sales of bamboo toothbrushes can only grow and this bamboo toothbrush is the best we’ve seen for so many reasons:

While other Bamboo toothbrushes use all plastic/nylon bristles, this is the world’s first toothbrush with plant based bristles. This special soft bristle is composed of 62% Castor Bean Oil and 38% plastic. It’s the latest and most advanced biobased bristle in the world today. It’s biobased and recyclable, but still not biodegradable. *Fun fact: Prior to the invention of nylon in the 1930s, pig hair was used for toothbrush bristles worldwide. Today, pig hair remains the only biodegradable option. Unfortunately.

Lasts as long as a conventional plastic toothbrush

A high quality easy-to-grip curved handle made entirely out of wild mountain bamboo.

The most eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo possible: Certified 100% organic, wild, giant Moso bamboo from the sprawling Chinese bamboo mountains. Less than 1% of the bamboo resources available is harvested and no pesticides or fertilizers are ever used. It’s watered only by natural mountain rain.

Compostable packaging: The outer box is made from 100% paper and is also biodegradable – no tape or glue is used.

  • BPA-Free
  • Vegan
  • Verified non-toxic
“These beautiful, elegantly designed toothbrushes are a joy to use. Yet another small step to eliminating unnecessary plastic from the world.”

LET’S GO NATURE’AL is an authentic eco-conscious brand based in Western Australia. Part of the #plasticfree #zerowaste movement, it offers real solutions: a stylish range of ethically sourced, natural, biodegradable or reusable products.

Reducing plastic waste is a cause most consumers care about – this line of sustainable products is a feel-good buy for anyone wanting to be more socially responsible. In Australia, environmental issues are a major concern to 77% of households.  Nielsen’s Changing Consumer Prosperity study reveals that the majority of Australian consumers are willing to pay more for products that are environmentally friendly or sustainable, contain organic or all-natural ingredients, or carry social responsibility claims. With 2% of sales going towards charities in Perth and elsewhere, and a member of 1% for the Planet, LET’S GO NATURE’AL is the perfect trifecta!

Driven by their beliefs in a Karmic responsibility to take care of the Earth for the good of all, the authenticity of intent behind this brand is obvious – consumers checking the labels will be convinced. As a retailer, you can share in the good Karma and be part of the solution to reducing plastic waste.



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