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Exclusive to Tavolino

Consumers who want the best will be magnetically attracted to BioOrto’s beautifully bottled preserves.

The product is just as classy on the inside: BioOrto’s own farm grown organic fresh produce, hand harvested at optimum ripeness and processed immediately by hand. It’s all bottled in extra virgin olive oil without preservatives or additives, remaining true to artisanal traditions and recipes.

Another reason this organic produce is such premium quality is that it’s grown in the perfect climate, in soil enriched by the natural mineral water that filters down from the mountains.

  • All natural ingredients
  • Preservative free
  • Organic
“We’re excited to find a grower able to bring handpicked organic produce from the mineral rich, fertile fields of Italy to Perth tables. Enhancing antipasto platters across WA is what we live for!”

BioOrto is a large scale producer of fresh organic vegetables, preserved tomatoes, all natural, artisanal pasta sauces, and premium quality olive oil.

Based at the foot of the Gargano Natural Park in Puglia, BioOrto has artisanal approach but is able to operate on a large scale, thanks to advanced processing technology,  an ideal climate, well planned organic farming, and the mineral rich water that flows down from the slopes of Gargano Mountain to enrich the soil.

“Tradition meets technology: BioOrto’s vast acres of land and massive production facilities somehow deliver an organic product that tastes as if you grew it in the back yard and bottled it yourself.”

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Product variety, size, and units per carton

FlavourSizeCtn Qty
BioOrto Cuori di Carciofo (artichokes)350gr6
BioOrto Pomodori Essiccati al Sole (sundried) Organic350gr12
BioOrto Peperoncini in Oil (red peppers)180gr12