Arancini Art Food Service

Arancini | Stuffed olives
Freshly made and supplied frozen

This pre-prepared, heat-and-eat range of catering must-haves functions like an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. Handmade with quality ingredients to a standard as high as your own, these arancini and stuffed olives taste as if they’re freshly made in your own kitchen.

“Consider Arancini Art’s Head Chef Ricardo and his team as your professional back up staff.”
Arancini Art

Arancini Art

Arancini Art is an Italian family-run, artisan frozen-food brand based in Melbourne. They create consistently excellent hand-made arancini and stuffed olives with flair and passion, bringing a little bit of Italy to Australia.

Everything they make tastes like it came straight from Nonna’s kitchen

… because it’s handmade by passionate chefs using original old recipes, quality ingredients, and well-honed technique.

The product range offers pre-prepared, heat-and-eat convenience for all sorts of customers

Arancini Art products will make life easier for busy families, caterers, cafés, canteens and restaurants – they’re likely to become must-have, repeat purchases.

Arancini Art are true culinary artists preserving the art of making traditional Italian arancini

At Tavolino, we love to see traditional recipes and cuisines being kept alive. Good arancini makes the world a better place : )

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Product variety, size, and units per carton

FlavourSizeCtn Qty
Arancini Art Stfd Olives Ascolana Aprx 165 balls3kg165
Arancini Art Party Spinach Aprx 87 balls3kg87
Arancini Art Party Ppkin, Mozz Aprx 87 balls3kg87
Arancini Art Party Porcini, Truffle Aprx 87 balls3kg87


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